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 Базы данных

 Экспертиза и сертификация


Expertise and certification

  • attestation of the product's origin certificates for enterprises engaged in export activities;
  • consulting on filling out certificate forms, attestation of different documents related to export activity;
  • expertise of quantity and quality of goods, raw materials and equipment for making claims;
  • identification or verification of goods' codes in compliance with the goods nomenclature of the Russian Federation (RF);
  • registration of conclusions (expertise acts) on contracts with foreign firms concerning the processing of goods under the customs control on the customs territory of RF;
  • certification of retail trade operations.

The expertise acts provided by the experts of the Chamber may serve as basic documents giving the right to make claims on unscrupulous partners, including foreign ones, about lack, non-completion or poor quality of goods; they are prescribed as verification documents provided for arbitration organizations, including foreign ones.

Exhibition and fair activity


  • arranging international and inter-regional exhibitions and fairs (universal and specialized);
  • providing equipped exposition spaces for demonstration of industrial products, consumer goods and services;
  • arranging presentations of firms, goods and services;
  • arranging press-conferences and business meetings;
  • arranging tenders for best investment projects, modern technologies and materials, project and research work, tasting competitions;
  • organizing «round tables» on urgent issues;
  • advertising and design services for exhibitions, developing scenarios, video clips and commercials;
  • arranging advertising campaigns with wide exploitation of mass-media.

Informational and analytical activity


The services of the Training Center


  • training courses for chief-accountants, expert-accountants (consultants), financial managers, financial experts (consultants) according to the program of the Professional Accountants Institute;
  • attestation with a qualification of professional accountant and accounting economist;
  • annual training and refresher courses for professional accountants according to 40-hours program of the Professional Accountants Institute;
  • training share market specialists: basic and specialized courses towards attestation examinations by the Federal committee for securities;
  • consulting seminars on different kinds of activity;
  • business seminars, «round tables» in the districts of the region;
  • consulting on economical and legal matters.

Organizing activity


  • arrangement of business meetings of Ryazan enterprises and commodity producers of other Russian regions and CIS;
  • formation and escort of Ryazan commodity producers' delegations to Russian regions and CIS for business meetings;
  • arrangement of seminars and «round tables»;
  • arranging meetings of public committees and councils under the aegis of the Chamber (power committee, Business-ladies' club, noncommercial partnership & development of the staff);
  • arranging presentations of new RCCI members;
  • carrying out of seminars for entrepreneurs-beginners;
  • arrangement of professional competitions, ratings' detection;
  • arranging conferences, meeting parties among the leaders of the regional enterprises.

External economic activity


  • search for potential foreign partners, including investors for the enterprises and organizations of the region;
  • reliability examination of foreign partners;
  • escort (consulting) of external economic activity of enterprises, including search for foreign equipment;
  • arrangement of foreign delegations' reception and business meetings with representatives of concerned organizations and enterprises of the Ryazan region;
  • formation and escort of the Ryazan region's delegations in business trips abroad;
  • arrangement of foreign firms' presentations in Ryazan and the Ryazan region and vice versa (abroad);
  • informing the Ryazan region enterprises and organizations on external economic activity (EEA), launching seminars and conferences;
  • all types of translation from foreign languages into Russian and vice versa with an official confirmation.

Advertising publishing services


  • corporate style design;
  • graphic style design of a firm;
  • printed production design;
  • exhibition stands' design;
  • imposing;
  • printing (business cards, catalogues, leaflets, etc.).

Publishing the newspaper «Under the sign of Mercury».


Ryazan CCI has founded & is publishing the newspaper «Under the Sign of Mercury», registration certificate No. В 1802 dd. 18, May 1999. The newspaper is means for:

  • the constant operative informing the Chamber members, state & other organizations about the activities of the Chamber;
  • providing information exchange with colleagues from CCIs of Russia, regional & joint Chambers, representatives of foreign business circles;
  • distribution of advertising & commercial announcements of enterprises & firms, both Russian & foreign.

The distribution of the newspaper is made in the addressed manner. «Under the Sign of Mercury» has become the inseparable part of business life of directors of enterprises & organizations of the Ryazan region. Our newspaper is the winner of the printed mass media editions' competition, organized by the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of the Russian Federation. In 2002 the newspaper «Under the Sign of Mercury» was included into the catalogue of periodic printed editions & one can subscribe for it.

Evaluation activity


Limited Liability Company «Science & Business Center» (License for the evaluation activity No. 007644 dd. 27.10. 2003)

We cab be useful to you in:

  • Concluding the purchase-sale deals, exchange, presenting;
  • Credits on the security of property;
  • Introduction of reliable investments into the authorized capital;

  • performing additional emissions of securities, conversion of shares;
  • property insurance;
  • defining the value of damage from road accidents, fire, water, etc.;
  • performing re-evaluation of the basic funds;
  • realization of bankruptcy procedures;
  • accepting for balance the purchased property;
  • other operations, connected with realization of property rights;
  • conducting independent expertise of the evaluation made earlier;
  • protection of evaluation reports in court.

We perform the evaluation of:

  • enterprises (business);
  • personal & real estate;
  • shares of enterprises;
  • debtor liabilities;
  • auto-transport means;
  • damage from fire, water, etc.;
  • damage from road accidents & the renewal of auto-transport means;
  • intellectual property.

We can define:

  • market price;
  • normatively calculated price;
  • investment price;
  • insurance price;
  • taxable price;
  • utilization price;
  • reproduction price;
  • substitution price;
  • balance price;
  • price of the functioning enterprise;
  • deletion price;
  • effective price;
  • other kinds of price.

Contact: tel.: +7(4912) 28-99-03, 28-99-73, 27-48-12, fax: 28-99-02.

Services of the Personnel Agency


  • selection of personnel;
  • assistance in searching or changing the job;
  • consulting on compiling resumes;
  • testing (personal diagnostics, professional adequacy);
  • professional compiling of resumes & distributing them in Internet;
  • providing enterprises & organizations, located on the territory of the region, with the work-record cards of the new form & inserts to them.

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